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Meet the Cats and Others

Meanings behind some of the names we give the cats!

Sometimes when we rescue cats they do not always have a name. Some have names but show no signs of knowing/recognizing that name. We try to name these cats with something suitable to their origin. Due to the number of pregnant cats rescued over the past 2 years, we have had ample opportunity to name more cats than we ever thought we would!


Adoni- City in India
Akbar- Mughal Emperor
City in Russia
City in India
Ares- God of War
Arjan- Tiger Conservationist
Asia- Eastern region
Ashram-Hindi Temple
Bahina- "sister" in Hindi
Baran- City in India
Barsana- City in India
Bengali- Language in India
Bhutan- State in India
Bianca- City in India
Bombay- City in India
Buljba- Taras Buljba Cossack
State in India
Chennia- City in India
Chita- Russian City
Chhaya- Shadow in Hindi

Chhaya- Shadow in Hindi
Curry - Spice used in Indian food
Czar- Russian Monarch
Dehli- City in India
Fatima- City in Portugal
Gandhi- Leader in India
Hindi- Religion
India- Continent
Indira- Wife of Mahatma Gandhi
Jaipur- State in India
State in India

Kadaku- "Pumpkin" in Hindi
Forest in India
Kashmir- State in India
Katia- Russian Name
Ketti- City in India
Khan-King in Hindi
Kiev- City in Russia
Kira- Indian Name
Kismet- City in India
Kota- City in India
Kumal- "Gentle" in Hindi
Kunan- "Pure" in Sanskrit
Kazan- Russian City
Lotus- Flower symbol in Hindu
Lucknow- City in India
Mahatma- Gandhi's first name
Mandi- City in India
Marina- Russian name
Mitra- "Friend" in Sanskrit
Mowgli-Character in Jungle
Nadia- Russian Name
Nandan- "Beautiful" in Hindi
Nedda- Cheryl's Aunt
Nikita- Russian Name
Palani- City in India
Raja-Hindu Prince or King
Rama- "King"
Ramu- Indian Name
Ravi- "Sun" in Hindi
Rewa-State in India
Sabu- Indian Name

Sahib- Nickname meaning Master
Salem- City in India
Samara- City in Russia
Sangha- "Noble" in Hindi
Satara- City in India
Shardul- "Tiger " in Hindi
Sheba- Queen
Shere Khan-"Tiger King" in Jungle
Shimia-City in India
Shiva- Hindu God
Sikar- Indian Safari
Sita- "Moonlight" in Sanskrit
Sochi- Russian Name
Suka- "Wind" in Sanskrit"
Sumatra-Island, Tiger Subspecies
Taj- Prince
Tamala-"Mark on Forehead"
Tamil-Russian Name

Tanaka- "Reward" in Sanskrit
Tara-"Star" in Sanskrit
Taras- Taras Buljba Cossack Hero
Tatiana- Duchess in Russia
Tehla- Tiger Reserve in India
Thapar-Tiger Conservationist
Tibet- Country
Cartoon Character

Tito- Croatian President
Tony- The Tiger!
Xena- Fictional Warrior
Zhivago- Russian Name


Africa- Continent
African Country
African Desert
City in Africa
Name from "Lion King"
African Plains
"Little Lion" in African
"Hunter" in African

Akua- Africa Name" Born on Wednesday"
Bwana - African Nickname" Master"
Karroo- State in Africa
Mufasa- Name from "Lion King"
Safari- African Hunt
Scar-Name from "Lion King"
Sudan-State in Africa
Tsavo- State in Africa

Angola- State in Africa
Etosha- African State
Kenya- African State
Nairobi- State in Africa
Sahara- African Desert
Somalia- City in Africa
Serengeti- African Plains


Athena-Goddess of Wisdom Bagheera- Name from the �Jungle Book Stratos- Type of Cloud
Congo- State in Africa Jabal- Jungle in Africa Sarobi- Name from �Lion King

Ligers Jaguars

Talaja-Area in the Gir Forest Maya-Aztec Culture


Cochise- Native American Indian
Mojave- American Desert
Nevada- American State
Shanay �Beautiful Eyes� in American Indian
Ozark- Moutains
Takota- American Indian Tribe


Amur-Russian Forest Jambo-"Hello" in Swahili Shiloh-Indian Name


         MEMORIAL - in Memory of our lost Friends

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