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Tiger Haven is situated on 75 acres of wooded property. Enclosures fill up about forty five acres. A perimeter fence surrounds all the enclosures and living quarters, and a roadway runs between enclosures and around the perimeter fence to facilitate feeding, maintenance and security checks.

The Tiger Haven facility meets or exceeds regulations set forth by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which are among the most stringent in the nation.

The enclosures are designed for the cats that will live in them. Tigers and lions have room to run and climbing cats have room to climb. Enclosures for any cats other than lions and tigers have tops on them to prevent the cats from climbing out.

All enclosures have sun decks and dens. Dens are heated in the winter with fiberglass heating pads and heat lamps. There are also gas heaters in each den to use in the event of a power outage.

Steel pools are placed in enclosures in the summer for cats, such as tigers, which enjoy playing in water. And a large in ground pool is rotated among the cats.

Several dens are constructed with concrete blocks if they have walls to the outside of the enclosure. Floors are poured concrete. Our newer dens are built of natural wood, about four feet off the ground and inside the enclosure.

Perimeter Fence

A perimeter fence surrounds the entire facility. It is eight feet tall and constructed of 11-gauge chain link, except for the front fence which is wood construction. 

There are no breaks in the fence except for gates which remain closed at all times. The front gate is activated by an electric opener to make it easier to keep it closed.


Enclosures and gates are constructed of either 9-gauge or 6-gauge chain link, or 4-gauge steel grid. Poles are made of SCH 40 steel, 3" in diameter and are placed no less than eight feet apart, and three feet into the ground in concrete. Rail piping is 1 5/8 to 2 inch SCH 40 steel.

All open top enclosures have a sixteen foot outside fence with the top four feet inclined inward at a forty-five degree angle. The height of the closed top enclosures varies.

Outside enclosure fences are secured at the bottom by burying the fence in 8" to 12" of concrete poured along the entire length. Steel clamps or 9-gauge steel wire, placed approximately every 18 inches apart; secure the fence to the poles

Although tigers and lions do not climb, the trees close to the outside fence are wrapped with sheet metal to prevent climbing.


All enclosure gates are secured with locks and chains, as latches would be a weak point in the enclosure.

Service gates are bolted in addition to being locked.

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