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Meet the Cats and Others

Rainbow is an 18 year old girl with severe arthritis. Within hours after her arrival Dr. Wright was here to examine her. First thing was to give her something to ease the pain, for when she arrived she could barley stand much less walk. After a few days she began to stand and even walk with much ease. She is a very sweet girl and loves her daily attention.
 Khan is an 8 year old boy which was very thin upon arrival. He is the son of Rainbow and Toby. He has put on weight and enjoys lounging in the sun. He always calls out for a scratch on the nose.
After medical attention and proper nutrition, all 3 of these Tigers are doing very well. We really feel like the quiet country life away from the busy life at the truck stop has made a big difference in their lives.
Cubs Born from Rescued Cats

Soon after the cats were brought to Tiger Haven, the 30 rescues had turned into 60! Since the animals had come from a breeding facility, a number of the females were pregnant! A total of 30 cubs (in litter sizes ranging from 2 to 5) were born to various female lions and tigers. (We have since neutered all of the males that share enclosures with females, as we are not a breeding facility.) The arrival of the unexpected cubs made it necessary to build even more enclosures. This was not only the largest rescue we had made but the most costly!

Adopt any Cub from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate.

                    Arjan                                       Czar


   Bengali             Bwana             Chita               Curry                



       Kadaku            Lotus             Marina            Mitra               

        Nala             Safari                 Akua          Serengeti         


         Shardul            Sita               Sochi            Tatiana   

                         Yoga                      Zhivago            Amba


         Ashram            Hindi


Meet the Great Cats of Tiger Haven

India was the first cat to arrive at Tiger Haven, although at that time, Tiger Haven did not yet exist. India was rescued from an unsafe situation and, for three years, was the only cat on the premises. When other tigers and lions began to arrive, she was not too fond of the idea of having to share!
Adopt her and receive photo, full story, and certificate.


Mississippi Rescue

In May of 1996, we were contacted about 96 big cats that had been abandoned on a property in Arkansas. There were 10 to 15 cats in each tiny pen and the living conditions were horrible. The cats were taken in by another party in Mississippi, but these people were soon overwhelmed and began trying to find alternative homes for the cats. Tiger Haven took in 4 tigers, which was all we had room for at the time. Several other sanctuaries took the remaining cats.

The 4 tigers were all emaciated. One had half of her ear torn off and extensive paralysis in the left side of her face. Another cat had at least seventeen deep bite wounds from having to fight with other cats for food. After medical treatment and a good steady diet, all 4 cats thrived at Tiger Haven for the next seven years. Sadly, within the last three years we lost 2 of the 4 cats to conditions associated with old age (e.g., respiratory problems, congestive heart failure). Although they are greatly missed, we know that the final years of their lives were a lot better than the years before they came to Tiger Haven.
They died in a place where they had finally known kindness, love, and good food! The remaining 2 tigers are still thriving.

Lucknow                          Tiger Lily

Roadside Zoo Rescue

The Jimmy Carter rescue was for many years the largest number in a single rescue that we had under taken. We were contacted by a private individual on what could be done to fix the situation the Cats at this road side zoo attraction. After the call we packed up food, cleaning and other supplies an were off to Marion County S.C. to check out the situation, we were totally unprepared for what we found. 14 Lions, Tigers, Cougars, and 2 Bears living in small, dirty, concrete enclosures in the center of a 4 lane highway. After 10 days of cleaning, feeding, and caring for these Cats we were able to load them up and return to Tiger Haven with all 14 Cats. (By law we were unable to take the Bears)

Adopt any Cat from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate

     Athena            Mali              Jammu             Kalahari  

Samara                                     Betsy

   Rewa               Takota              Scar             Jaipur

The Unexpected

Africa, Shingalana, Nairobi
These three lions were born at Tiger Haven on October 15th, 1996. As we are not a breeding facility, their birth was entirely accidental-the result of a teenage pregnancy. The cubs were born to a pair of adolescent lions who were, we thought, a little too young to be breeding. Big cats are not normally sexually mature until 3 to 4 years of age and our youngsters were only 2 and 2 ˝. Although we had a vasectomy scheduled for the male, it turned out that it was performed about two weeks too late.

Once the cubs were born, we shared custody with their mother. During the day, she kept them, but at night we would take them into the house. Since these babies were born in captivity and would never be released, we thought we should try to socialize them so they could be handled later in life. If a big cat has not been worked with while young, they can be difficult to handle as adults, (especially when they need medical attention - like vaccinations or check ups).

                            Africa                      Nairobi          Shingalana

No Sale Rejects

Sahara, Sudan
These two cubs have come to be known as the "No Sale Rejects". At two weeks old, they were up for sale at an exotic animal auction in Ohio, but no one wanted them. These auctions are quite common in states that have no regulations on exotic animal ownership. Anyone can go in and purchase any type of exotic animal if the price is right. Lions or tigers usually go for about $500 to $1000 dollars. Unfortunately, the people who purchase them are totally unprepared to take care of them! Sudan and Sahara did not sell that day, and their owner was going to have them euthanized. Tiger Haven was contacted and we took the two cubs without hesitation.

             Sahara                     Sudan

Oregon Rescue

In August 2003, we received a call from a woman in Oregon asking if we could take two tigers. One of the tigers was supposedly 90% blind. We were quite full at the time, but the woman said she had no other options but to euthanize the animals. At the time of this call, we had no available staff to make the two-week trip to Oregon, so we arranged for another sanctuary to pick up and temporarily house the cats. In the meantime, we built enclosures for the tigers. When we had the pens ready, we picked up the cats from the other sanctuary. Our veterinarian discovered that the blind tiger could not see due to a vitamin deficiency. This is a condition that can be
reversed with proper nutrition and the right vitamins.

Tamala            Sabu

Closed Down Safari Park

On February 18th 2003, we received a call from someone in Texas. Nine tigers belonging to a closed down drive-through safari were in need of a home. The safari had been closed for a while and many of the other animals had been placed in other facilities. So off to Texas we went with trucks, trailers, and rescue equipment. All of the rescued tigers were very thin and a few were in need of medical attention for conditions such as arthritis and vitamin deficiencies. Not long after the rescue, we lost Hannibal to tumors.

Adopt any Cat from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate
       Abu                 Isis                  Jodi                  King     

Kira                         Sage                    Sasha


Private Owners

We have rescued several big cats from "private owners" who, for one reason or another, could not keep their animals. Many of the privately owned cats were well treated, but due to circumstances (i.e., unhappy neighbors, change in job or financial situation) their owners could not keep them. There are also the private owners who are not so nice. Some of our cats came from neglectful or seriously abusive situations.
Many of cats in the private owner category have the same story. The cubs are bought at exotic animal auctions by owners who think the cute, cuddly baby will make a good family pet. It is amazing how many times we have heard owners say "we thought if we raised it in our home and loved it, that it would be tame". THIS IS A MYTH!!! It has taken tens of thousands of years to domesticate cats and dogs. Why do people think that they can take a first-generation wild animal and make it a pet?
Most people do not realize that even as small babies, lions and tigers have teeth and very sharp claws (which they are prepared to use). At less than 1 year of age, they are able to seriously hurt a person. By the time the 'pets' are 6 months to 1 year of age, they have outgrown their backyard pens and eat 10-15 pounds of raw meat per day. This is usually when the owners realize that they may have used bad judgment. Adopt any Cat from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate.

Amur            Anna             Bubba             Ceaser          Callie

Charlie           Cochise            Congo            Bahina          Chhaya

Bagheera                           Kenya

Maya                                 Micah

Missy                               Mufasa

  Elsa               Jada               Jasmine              Keno               Kiev   

         Makayla          Tehla                Tia                  Raja            

Nicky                                 Shiloh

Tigger                              Tony   

Rotton             Sabre           Savanah          Talaja            Tandy  

  Tara               Taz               Tsavo               Casey           Kandan

 Kumal           Lalana              Nandan           Rama          Sangha

Shiva            Shanay


One morning in September, on what appeared to be a normal quiet day at Tiger Haven, the phone rang at about 10 am. A woman identifying herself as Kay Jordan with the Humane Society of Pulaski County in Little Rock, Arkansas was on the line. The Humane Society and another group, Wildlife Rescue in Little Rock, had gone to a taxidermy shop to investigate a complaint about some big cats living in poor conditions. When they arrived, they found 3 tigers and 2 lions that needed to be confiscated. Ms. Jordan told us that the cats needed to be relocated immediately, so the two groups went to work darting the animals and loading them into horse trailers. Not having any prior notice that they were about to become guardians of 5 big cats, the two groups began calling anyone and everyone who might be able to give sanctuary to these animals. They finally reached Tiger Haven. Ms. Jordan informed us that she had called several places and no one could accept the cats! Tiger Haven agreed to leave the next morning to bring the cats to our sanctuary. So much for a quiet day!
Shortly after their arrival, one of the female tigers gave birth to 3 cubs, which was highly unexpected. The 3 adult tigers (and the 3 cubs) now live together as a family. Although this is the normal for lions, tigers do not usually have such social arrangements. Usually, a mother tiger lives alone and raises her cubs by herself. We have enjoyed watching the family interact with the babies and share the responsibilities of caring for them. Adoptive parents will receive the full story on these wonderful animals.
Adopt any Cat from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate.

    Angola             Indira            Kismet            Mahatma        KingArthur

Photo Picture Cubs

Many of our rescues are what are called "picture" or "photo" cubs. This is an animal that people can pay to hold and have a photo taken. This practice is usually done at county fairs, shopping malls, or other places, but no one ever thinks about what happens to the cub when it outgrows its job. Some of these cubs are sold at auction (for pets), others are killed and their pelts are sold to make money. The lucky ones end up at Tiger Haven.
Adopt any Cat from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate.

  Satara                        Bhutan                     Ketti

Tiger Truck stop Trio

The Louisiana Truck Stop Tigers arrived at Tiger Haven September 6th of 2003. Over the past several years we had received calls and emails from numerous private people asking if there was anything we could do about several Tigers living at a truck stop in Louisiana. Regretfully we had to inform them that unless the owner voluntarily gave up the cats or they were confiscated by a government agency our hands were tied. Finally after years of hearing the same problem we received a phone call from the truck stop asking if we could take 3 tigers. At the time we had taken on several large rescues and were really full, but how could we say no to cats that have for so long been in need of a nice, quiet, safe place to live out the rest of their years. We immediately began to build cages, and off to Louisiana we went.
Adopt any Cub from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate.

Truck Stop rescue photos

Toby is an 18 year old boy with swollen joints, arthritis, and very thin. After arriving at Tiger Haven he was put into a special (handicap) enclosure, given medicine for arthritis and pain, and given plenty of nutritional food. He has since become a very happy Cat.

Retired Circus

Over the years, we have given sanctuary to numerous circus cats. Some of the cats are actually retired performers, others are youngsters that could not or did not want to perform. Just like people are introverts or extroverts, not all cats have the personality for such a public lifestyle. The respectable circuses actually try to find homes for those animals that do not make it as performers.

Typically, (and too many people's surprise), the circus cats are usually in better shape than some of the other places we rescue from. These cats are constantly on exhibit, so they have to be healthy and happy. Believe it or not, the majority of performing circus cats actually enjoy the spot light. One circus trainer that has placed many of his retirees with us still visits often. When his former protégés see him, they get extremely excited. Some even perform their acts with him!

Adopt any Cat from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate.

Apata Nedda

Tanaka Mowgli

Ares Asia Star Calvin Buljba Fatima

Kampi Kashie Kashmir Taras Xena

Precious Cash Tango Freida Mirage

Kunan Pepo Ramu Sabina Taj

Zoo Surplus

Several of Tiger Haven's cats have come from major zoos in the United States. When big cats age, they are often plagued by arthritis or kidney problems, and are not always considered good exhibit animals (i.e., they limp, or may look sickly). Many zoos are just not set up to deal with the medical problems associated with geriatric animals. Some zoo cats just do not like attention or easily frightened, therefore, they are not put on display. Since it would not be feasible for a zoo to keep an animal that could not be exhibited, many curators try to find alternate homes for these cats.
Some of our animals come from other types of 'zoos'. These are the gas stations or backyard facilities calling themselves 'roadside attractions'. Many of these facilities are shut down due to violations of the Animal Welfare Act, such as unsafe conditions (small, inadequate or dirty enclosures; improper shelter; neglected and underfed animals).

Adoni Akbar Barsana Burma Dolly

Gandhi Jabal Jambo Molly

Dehli Lola

Ravi Polly Sable

Mojave Sahib Sarobi Sheba Stratos

Sumatra Sunny Tito Kai

One of the questions we are frequently asked is "why don't zoos take in unwanted big cats?" The answer is that, just like domestic dog and cat breeders, zoos want animals that have a "pedigree". They are only interested in animals with a lineage that can be traced from specific bloodlines. Asking a zoo to take in a crossbreed Bengal/Siberian tiger would be like asking a German shepherd breeder to adopt a beagle/collie mix dog. Since the cost of housing and feeding big cats is exorbitant, most zoos opt out of adoptions. With the exception of the cats we take in from zoos, none of our cats come from documented bloodlines. They are considered completely invaluable in any zoo breeding programs. This is not just the case for big cats, however. Zoos regularly receive calls from people that no longer want their exotic monitor lizard, monkeys, iguanas, snakes, etc. Due to the largely unregulated exotic pet trade, there are just too many surplus exotic animals out there!

Arkansas Rescue

While on a rescue involving five big cats in Little Rock, Arkansas, Tiger Haven received a call from a neighboring Arkansas county (Quitman). Four lions had presumably escaped from a breeding facility and had been destroyed. The facility in question was being shut down, leaving 30 cats in need of a home. Since we had gone to Arkansas prepared to rescue only five cats, we could do nothing but go to Quitman County and assess the situation.
Several of the Quitman cats were very thin and others were in need of medical attention. We made the decision to rescue all 30 cats (lions, tigers, and cougars). Since the facility had only 30 days to find homes for the cats, we were on a strict timeline to build enclosures and prepare to transport the new additions. On October 25th 2002, we began the largest single rescue ever done by Tiger Haven. While half of our staff was on the road with trucks, trailers, transport cages, and other equipment to execute a safe rescue, the remaining staff was overseeing the building of new enclosures.
Adopt any Cat from this page and receive photo, full story, and certificate.

5 Fingers Baran Bianca Botswana Aurora

Tawny Rocky Karroo Nepal Chennia

Chennia Katy

Fergie Topaz

Shere Khan Kota

Carman Hobbs Bombay Etosha Palani

Mandi Tyson Somalia Kip

Tosha Suka Leonardo

Sikar Salem Shimia

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