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How Can I Help?

Big Cats Looking for Adoptive Parents

We depend upon the kindness and generosity of concerned individuals such as yourself to keep the cats healthy, comfortable and well fed.  By giving a donation to help sponsor a rescued Great Cat for one year, you are helping to provide for the special care these special cats need.

What happens when you adopt one of the Great Cats at Tiger Haven?
You become part of the wild and wonderful world, a world of those who have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping these cats to live a comfortable and stress-free life.

How much does it cost to adopt?
The adoption fee is $53 for one year. At the end of the year you may choose to continue the adoption of your special cat, or adopt another cat who needs your help, and increase the size of your "pride".

What do I get to show that I am a Great Cat Parent?
You will receive in your adoption package:
>Personalized certificate of adoption
>8 x 10 color photo of your adopted cat 

I have chosen a Great Cat whom I would like to make part of my family.  How do I go about doing it?
Click on any of the cats shown below or above in our ticker tape.

We know you already know this, but in case you don't - the cat you adopt will stay at Tiger Haven. Your honorary adoption donation is used to help support the cats. All the cats rescued by Tiger Haven are available for adoption.  Even those that have passed on are still with us in spirit, and are still at Tiger Haven.  All adoption funds go to the care of all the cats.
Suggestions:The adoption of a Great Cat is the appropriate gift for almost any

For yourself.
There is no greater satisfaction for those who truly love the Great
Cats than to know that you are helping them to live in the dignified and regal manner in which they were created.

As a gift.
1. The perfect gift for the wild one in your life.
2. A great way to begin your child's education in the circle of life
and the purpose of the great predators in the creation of this earth.
3. Don't know what to get that someone who loves animals but is hard to buy for? The support of a Great Cat in their name is a gift to you both, and the Great Cat who needs your help.

Because they are here.
And we don't want to see a world without them.

The special cats shown below are available for adoption. This is 25 of the 250 cats at Tiger Haven. There will be a different 25 cats posted for adoption every 2 months. Below the pictures are some information about these cats.

Curry                      Kip                              Sahara                       Sikar 

Precious                  Tyson                         Savannah                 Sheba    

Rainbow                   Mufasa                      Topaz                            Kai    

Shardul                   Mojave                       Nandan                     Casey  

Tia                            Elsa                            Marina                     Bianca

Tiger Lily                                    Adoni                                       Ashram 



Due to the large number of cats at Tiger Haven, we are always changing and updating this page. Please check back with us regularly for more information, and Thank You for your patience! 

We will try to feature different cats up for adoption from month to month.  If you see any Cat at any time or anywhere on this site, you may adopt them at anytime.  Many cats on this page and other pages are available for adoption with their entire Prides or Families.
Thank you for your support. 

About 1 month after we rescued his parents, Curry and his 3 brothers were born at Tiger Haven. (His mother was one of many pregnant females we have rescued.)

Arrived in October 2002 (along with 34 other big cats from Arkansas).
He is a very sweet boy and shares his enclosure with Katy.

She and her brother were destined to be euthanized at 2 weeks of age due to the fact that they could not be sold at an exotic animal auction.


He was 1 of 34 big cats rescued from a back yard zoo in Arkansas.  He 
shares an enclosure with 3 other cats.  We have nicknamed the group the "Wookies."

She was picked up on a rescue in Florida on June 20th 2002, along with two other tigers. She has settled in nicely to her life at Tiger Haven and is extremely spirited and spunky.

He was 1 of 34 big cats rescued from a back yard zoo in Arkansas on November 14th 2002. He and his cage mate Tamil are 17 years old. He is probably the largest of our tigers.

She and her sister Kenya arrived April 26th 1995. They were destined to become breeders at a big cat breeding facility. Savannah lives in a pride with her sister and 2 male lions. 

She and her brother were picked up on August 26th 2002 from a zoo/amusement park after they had outgrown their enclosure. They were 2 years of age and had never been given names.

She was 1 of 3 Tigers picked up from a truck stop in Louisiana on September 6th 2003. Rainbow had such severe arthritis that she could not step up into the transport cage we were trying to place her in. We had to dig a hole for the wheels so that the transport cage would be level with Rainbow's enclosure.

He arrived July 13th 1995 after living at a boy's camp in Illinois.
He lives with 3 other lions.  The other male lion in the pride is his best friend.

She was 1 of 34 big cats rescued from Arkansas November 14th 2002.  She shares her cage with her sister and a large male tiger.

He is an 18 year old leopard who, on the 16th of January 2004 was retired from a zoo to live out the rest of his life at Tiger Haven. 

About 1 month after we rescued his parents, Shardul and his 3 brothers were born at Tiger Haven. (His mother was one of many pregnant females we have rescued.)

He arrived at Tiger Haven on August 28th 2002 after being a 'summer display' cub at a zoo. He was 3 months of age.

He and his 3 brothers arrived December 13th 2003 from a breeder in Georgia.  They were 6 months of age.

She was picked up in Florida from a small zoo June 24th 2004.
She was unwanted because she did not carry the gene that produces white tiger offspring. Casey also suffered from various medical problems.

She arrived May 30th 1998 after being confiscated from a private owner who was arrested for cruelty. 

She was picked up May 8th 1997 from a zoo where she was being temporarily housed until a permanent home could be found for her. Elsa's original owner decided (after 8 years), that Elsa was not exotic enough and wanted to make room for some other type of pet.

She, along with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, were born at Tiger Haven on March 13th 2003 to a pair of tigers we rescued from a private owner in Ohio. The former owners claimed they did not know the female was pregnant when they made arrangements with us to take her and her mate.

She was 1 of 34 cats rescued November 14th 2002 from a breeder in Arkansas. She lives with 2 other female tigers.

Tiger Lily
She was 1 of 4 tigers rescued May 16th 1996 from a private owner facility in Mississippi. Ninety six cats were living at the facility in horrible conditions. The owner decided to sell the other 92 cats to pay off bankruptcy debt.

She and her sister arrived October 22nd 2002 from a zoo where they were 'summer cub' displays.  She also had many medical problems after her arrival.

September 2002 he was retired from a zoo at 18 years of age.

He was 1 of 34 big cats rescued October 25th 2002, from a breeding facility in Arkansas, which had to be shut down.

He and his brother were born to a pair of tigers rescued from a taxidermist in Arkansas. The mother was pregnant at time of rescue.

These are the first group of 25 features cats for adoption.
Cats will be periodically rotated, but does not mean you cannot adopt any other cat. Any cat at Tiger Haven can be adopted at any time.

Thank you for your support.

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