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Sounds of the Great Cats

Here are some examples of sound recordings that are coming soon!

Tony and Tara come to the fence to chuff, moan and beg for petting. 
Usually, one lion will start roaring and the others will join in. This time, Mali started but ended up doing a solo. 

The lion pride sings their territorial roar. 

Sometimes, as their roaring subsides, one lion seems to get "stuck" on the last roar. 

Tigers Sabre and Nikita chuff for attention. Sabre moans as if he never gets attention.

Sarobi, a leopard, expresses her displeasure of the microphone. 
Cougars can purr (and scream) but they cannot roar. They are actually in the same family as your house cat. Here Cochise purrs contentedly.  
All tigers at Tiger Haven have a different sounding chuff, just as people have different voices. Here Samara offers her friendly greeting. 

Tigers, Snow Leopards and Clouded Leopards are the great cats who can chuff.  Each has a distinctly different sound. K2, a Snow Leopard, has the typical sweet sounding chuff of his species. 

Tigers have a very expressive moan when calling for a mate. It is said that the sound carries great distances to other tigers in the jungles of India. This is Kashmir in this sound clip. 

Tigers also let others know in no uncertain terms that what is theirs, is theirs and they have no intentions of sharing. Here Apata, though she loves me dearly, warns me not to try to take any of her beef. 


All big cats protect their food. In this sound clip Siam, a Clouded Leopard who loves mashed potatoes, expresses his warning even as he gobbles them down.

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