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Facility Tours and Photos

Facility Tour

Tiger Haven is located in rural Roane County, in East Tennessee, about 30 miles west of Knoxville. We are on a small country road, but when you arrive, there is no mistaking where you are

Just inside the gate are the Condos which house climbing cats such as Leopards or Cougars. It has also been used as a quarantine section for new arrivals

Next we have employee living quarters, food preparation room, and walk-in cooler.

Directly in front of you are the enclosures of the tiger girls; Kashmir, Asia Star and Apata, Tsavo, Kalahari, and India.

The leopards' enclosure is built adjacent to living quarters, and their dens are built inside the living room. Tennessee regulations require a top on any enclosure for climbing cats, which limits the total area. So we build this type of enclosure with room to climb and high perches and decks for them to lie on.

On the right is the enclosure for lions Scar, Mali and Betsy. Beside it is another lion pride enclosure. There are two fences between the lions so they will not fight with each other, as they do over the females.

This is Lion lockouts were each cat is separated at feed time to assure there is
No fighting and that all cats get all of there food.

Next stop is Rotten's pride which includes Mufasa, Savannah and Kenya. And
Freida's enclosure.

Next is Czar's crew which includes a total of 5 Tigers.

Africa and his two curious lionesses.

Starting on the other side of the road is Tito and Sumatra

Then behind them are Tony and Tehla and Pepo's enclosures.

The east end of Pepo's enclosure and a couple of curious lions Arthur an Angola.

The west end houses another couple of lions Dandy and Sable.

Bubba and Nikki.

Sahib and Tara in front of Sudan and Sahara.

This is Sabu his enclosure is the end of the first section of our journey through
Tiger Haven.

To be continued! 

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