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Captioned Photo Gallery

Bwana wants to be KING

World's greatest dad and
softest pillow.

Wonder how many of us this
deck will hold?

And just think I rule it all!

Wonder if they know I'm peeking?

Thanks for the clean water; this is
what is considered job security.

Somebody forgot to clean
behind this tree.

Pretend you don't see him,
he thinks you can't.

Morning exercises

Why did you try to dunk me?

Oh wow is that a quarter?

Wait mom I thought only baby
birds got breakfast this way!

Stripes on Spots

Someone has picked some
of my flowers again.

I knew I should not have
eaten that extra pan of food.

And they say a Lion's life is rough.

After nap time there
will be more bottles.

It's time for singing lessons.



Hey somebody is missing their stripes.

Thank you for allowing Tiger Haven to be able to continue giving me a great home.

Hope you have enjoyed our captioned photo gallery
There will be more to come.

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