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Don't Say Good Bye

It is estimated that some species of big cats will be extinct in the wild early in the next millennium, much sooner than we realize. No tigers in the jungles of India, or on the tundra of Siberia. No snow leopards in the Himalayas. Vanished. 

The zoos do not have the space to keep a large enough gene pool for many species to survive. So we must all do what we can to protect those remaining.

Perhaps we cannot save the Great Cats in the wild. But we should not let them vanish in captivity. In this country these magnificent beings are being intentionally destroyed while others suffer in silence, all for the lack of a good home.

We are only the caretakers of this earth. It was not given to us to sell and consume - only loaned to us as a place to live while we are here, and hopefully, while our human species matures. Part of that contract is to put back as much as we take, for the future of both our children and the tigers.

We must institute safety regulations in states where there are none. We must prevent the knee-jerk reactions of local governments who would just ban them rather than consider a right and proper solution. We must inform and educate the public of the true nature of the big cats and the plight they are in.

We can do this if only we want to.

If we have the ability to help any animal in need,
then we have the moral obligation to do so.

Extinction is Forever, Don't Say Good-bye

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