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About Tiger Haven


 Tiger Haven is a Sanctuary and Rescue facility for big cats, much like an animal shelter for dogs and house cats - except that we are a "no kill" facility. And, the cats that come here for sanctuary are given a permanent home. They are not sold, transferred or given away. We do not use them as "breeders," and they don't work for a living. The cats here enjoy the good life, and they deserve it.
On this web site you will learn about the behavior of the great cats, how they interact with people, and what is involved in caring for them. You will also see why sanctuaries such as Tiger Haven are needed. We have designed the Tiger Haven web site to be not only an information source, but also educational, and even entertaining. The content relies heavily upon our own experiences and observations rather than library text and statistics, and there are pictures to illustrate the content. Other pictures show natural but out-of-the-ordinary and even comical poses.
Our purpose here is not only to show the atrocious situations in which many captive big cats must live, but also why those situations exist. And to not only show the problems, but also to offer possible solutions to the problems. And, hopefully, to enlist the support of others in our efforts.
We hope you find this site interesting, helpful and informative in your search for knowledge of the great cats. We also hope that you will do something today that will improve the lives of these most magnificent beings.
Which of the Great Cats can I adopt?

Click this link for a list of those Cats who need Parents. You will find a picture and short biography of each Great Cat who is available for adoption


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Tiger Haven, Inc.

237 Harvey Road

Kingston, TN 37763


Phone (865) 376-4100

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A charitable, non-profit corporation

organized under IRS Code 501(c)(3)


Established September, 1991

The contents of this site, text, graphics and sounds included, is the property of Tiger Haven, Inc. unless otherwise noted. Any use or reproduction of this material, electronically or otherwise, is prohibited by law without express written permission of the owner.


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