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Our Mission
To rescue those great cats who have been abused, confiscated, or are in danger of being destroyed for lack of a suitable home, and to provide them with a permanent home and stress-free environment, to provide assistance to those big cat owners in the safe and humane keeping of big cats, to educate the public in the plight of the big cats in captivity, and to assist in the preservation of all species of great cats.

Tiger Haven is a sanctuary - a safe place for the great cats. It is a rescue facility. We cooperate with and assist state and federal regulatory agencies, police departments, animal welfare organizations, and the cats' owners with the objective of making a better home that is safe for both the cats and the public.

We offer advice to those who would purchase a big cat of the extensive training and experience, and the elaborately constructed enclosure needed to safely keep them.

We relate the commitment of time and financial resources required to keep a big cat both physically and mentally healthy. We stress that big cats are not pets.

We also help those who already have big cats to make their enclosures safe for both the cats and the public, and to obtain the proper food and veterinary care for them.

Public education of the plight of the big cats both in the wild and in captivity is essential if the species are to remain in existence.

Educating the public is another part of Tiger Haven's mission, particularly regarding captive big cats in this country. Our representatives speak before civic clubs and private groups, school children and others to dispense with rumor and enlighten with facts.

But our primary mission is to provide a permanent home for big cats that are in need.